Similar to RapidOne, RapidMiniMax offers excellent wireless performance even in challenging environments.  However, RapidMiniMax has been designed to be installed on an existing structure or surface. RapidMiniMax can be customized to use existing AC power while providing long-term battery backup, or can be configured to run solely on solar power.

Key Benefits

Rugged: Performs flawlessly in extreme weather and temperature conditions.

Scalable: Works as a standalone solution for large outdoor locations (such as railroad yards and ocean ports), or a supplement to your existing wireless infrastructure.

Rapid: Deploys and becomes fully operational in days – not months.

Cost Effective: Slashes costs by eliminating the need for vertical assets, networks and power infrastructure, while significantly reducing time and labor expenses.

Expandable:   Increases your coverage quickly and cost-efficiently by simply adding additional RapidMiniMax units.

Flexible: Supports optional IP cameras and other wireless modes of operation.

Sustainable: Preserves the earth’s natural resources by relying on solar power, and aligns with any “green-friendly” initiatives.

Key Features

  • Mounts on a pole or other structure
  • Powered by AC or solar (even in low light conditions)
  • Up to a 10-year battery life
  • Point-to-point or multi-point backhaul
  • Cellular LTE backhaul
  • High RF system gain using specialized 802.11ac Wi-Fi access points