Designed for those requiring a totally standalone wireless network, RapidOne tackles installation challenges quickly and economically. This patented, solar-powered communication system requires no existing infrastructure, and provides extremely reliable, high-performance wireless connectivity in the toughest environments.

Key Benefits

Rugged: Performs flawlessly in extreme weather and temperature conditions.

Scalable: Works as a standalone solution for large outdoor locations (such as railroad yards, ocean ports, or any large outdoor areas), or as a supplement to your existing wireless infrastructure.

Rapid: Deploys and becomes fully operational in minutes or days – not months.

Cost Effective: Slashes costs by eliminating the need for networks and power infrastructure, while significantly reducing time and labor expenses.

Dynamic: Installs in a very compact area with available gravel or hard surface, and can easily be repositioned or relocated with a pallet jack or fork lift.

Flexible: Supports optional IP cameras and other wireless modes of operation.

Expandable: Your coverage quickly and cost-efficiently by simply adding additional RapidOne units.

Sustainable: Preserves the earth’s natural resources by relying on solar power, and aligns with any “green-friendly” initiatives.

Key Features

  • Completely standalone product
  • Patented wireless, autonomous solution
  • 20’ integrated mast
  • Solar powered (even in low light conditions)
  • Point-to-point or multi-point backhaul
  • Cellular LTE backhaul
  • High RF system gain using specialized 802.11ac Wi-Fi access points
  • Capable of HD video surveillance
  • Comprehensive remote management suite
  • Thermal management for extreme environments